Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Winter Show

Our Winter Show will be on Wednesday 20th Dec at 10am. 

Monday, 4 December 2017


There is no written homework this week. Instead children must start to learn their lines for our winter assembly. Narrators to practice their lines also. I would hope that children can start to be off script by next Tuesday!  Have a root around at home for costumes. If you are having any difficulties just give me a shout! Thank you! 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Winter Assembly Announcement

Christmas Carol, The Characters:
Scrooge - Toju
Bob Crachit – Matt
Fred – Josh KW
Tiny Tim  – Alex
Bob’s Wife  – Juliette
Bob’s daughter  – Ciara
Jacob Marley – Nayan
Robert Marley – Ben
Ghost 1 – Anna
Ghost 2 – Meadhbh
Ghost 3 –  Harry
Mr. Frezziwig  – Reece
Girl -  Mya

Narrator 1- Josh W
Narrator 2-  Nadia
Narrator 3 – Riya
Narrator 4 -  Taylor
Narrator 5 – Lilla
Narrator 6 – Natalia
Narrator 7 – Lily
Narrator 8 – Marc
Narrator 9 – Mustafa
Narrator 10 – Sophie
Narrator 11- Aoibhinn
Narrator 12- Josh W
Narrator 13-Victoria
Narrator 14 – Victoria 

Narrators - All black with Santa Hats (Navy / Grey if black is not possible) 
Scrooge- Business like outfit 
Bob Crachit - trousers, shirt , waistcoat/jacket 
Fred:  trousers, shirt  
Tiny Tim:  trousers, shirt , waistcoat/jacket 
Bob's wife: Dress, cardigan, apron 
Bob's daughter: dress 
Job and Robert Marley: White shirt, Grey/ dark trousers
Ghost 1: Pale dress
Ghost 2: Red dress / very festive 
Ghost 3: Cape (I have one)
Mr. Frezziwig - trousers, shirt , waistcoat/jacket 
Girl: dress/ trousers, cardigan, scarf 

If any one has any props that they would have that are suitable and they are willing to let us borrow them, I would be very grateful. If you have any questions about costumes please feel free to email me. I kept the costumes simple so hopefully most children have these items already. Please just use what you have at home! 

Christmas Show 2017

Some people had difficulty viewing the photos, so here is a small selection of the shots taken on the day!   ...